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Updated: May 27, 2020

Thanks for visiting my website 🌻it’s a pleasure to have your company. A little bit about me - I’m a British Asian woman living in the United Kingdom. I came to England when I was just over a year old and my family settled in Bayswater, London United Kingdom. Early memories I was very happy in London and the hippy culture was at its height then. I was very influenced by it . I love the Beatles & The Rolling Stones. The adults around me seemed really cool. My parents moved a bit and finally settled in a suburb of London. I went to a local school & was bullied there. When I later went to a girl’s school, I was very unhappy there & bullied there as well. I know what it’s like to be lonely & have no friends. It was an extremely stressful time & shattered my confidence.

When I was older I went to University I became very ill & suffered a breakdown. It was a terrible time for me. During the time I was ill I tried angel healing, coaching , chakra balancing , law of attraction, coaching & meditation & other personal development techniques to help me recover. They had a wonderful effect on me. Using these techniques plus the support of family & friends I came through the illness.

I have used personal techniques ever since & they have helped me enormously. I am now married to a wonderful man & live in a lovely home.

I want to help you too. So browse through my website & book a service/program/subscription plan/course & Superpower Into Your Blissful Life 🌻

With love & gratitude

Yasmin Robinson 💕

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